Smoke on the Water video presentation

The video shortly presents Smoke on the Water project which we recently realized.

Smoke on the Water was implemented during a 3-day workshop (20-22 Sept 2011) with 5 art students from the Trondheim Academy of Fine Art at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. The final effect of this collaboration was exhibited during the Water of Life event in Museum of Natural History and Archeology in Trondheim (24-25 Sept 2011).

Smoke on the Water, an open source water based trackpad, rates the importance of this process over the final effect. The aim is to explore open development and the exhibition of software based artworks to enhance understanding of how open source can extend digital creativity. This video displays creation, exhibition, and observation of Smoke on the Water, in the context of a creative process.
Smoke on the Water is an open source software based trackpad installation constructed out of a tank filled by water, a webcam located under this tank, and a projector. The software is based on Community Core Vision (CCV) tracker, TUIO protocol, and Processing.
This interactive installation aims at providing a public simple and organic feeling of ability of changing water’s tone just by touch.


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