ArTime v3.0

Riccardo Ortolan Specialization Project:

Collaborative artwork creations using sharing activities and open source software tools

The user, nowadays, is the media-producer leading-edge, and not more a mildmedia-consumer, and this is a philosophy borned only recently with the socialimpact of the Web 2.0 and the capillar distribution of high-bandwidth internetallowing sharing of rich media contents.

The technology progress allows the approaching of computer systems and art,leaded by the human-computer interface research that allows the artists to focuson the creation process rather than on the technical barriers that computer canimpose.
The results of this project are analyzed from the point of view of the project ArTe, giving it significative inputs to answer its research questions showing thestatus of intersection between art and technology and underlying the usefulness ofthe concept of collaborative creation and artifacts sharing.


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