K+K=K English

Komputer + Art = Creativity

In the framework of meta.morf, ReMida Center and the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) offers a workshop program for children. Participants will explore a new (homemade) electronic world with the use of recycled materials and Open Source Software. Workshop days for school classes are offered in week 41 (from 11th October to 15th October) and an open workshop is offered to all interested on Saturday 6th November 2010 from 10:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

In addition to the workshop program, there will be a seminar focused on the theme of art and Information Technology (IT) and its dissemination to children and youth. The seminar is targeted toward artists, art mediators, and teachers. The seminar is organized in collaboration with Reggio Emilia Network Norway and NTNU.
Workshops and seminar will be held at ReMida Center, Strandveien 33, Svartlamoen.
Finally, there will be a children jury award to a meta.morf artist. Related to this symbolic award is a sum of 30,000 NOK which goes to the initiative One Laptop per child (http://laptop.org). The prize was founded by the local IT community and is awarded in cooperation with NTNU.

Information about workshops, seminar, and prize is available at www.trondheim.kommune.no/remida and https://artentnu.wordpress.com/kkk/.

Partners: ReMida Centre Trondheim, NTNU, Kulturbyrået Mesén.
Supported by the Norwegian Council for Culture

Sound artist and Instructor Audun Eriksen, workshop leader at the K+K=K workshops

Artist Pål Bøyesen, artistic leader at ReMida center


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