Competition 2009

Win Money for a good purpose

The ArTe contest encourages students of ages 13 to 15 to work with meaningful cooperative projects with the goal of producing novel forms of new media art. Artworks must address issues regarding openness . The competition is open at an international level but we focus our recruiting toward Norwegian schools. The competition will be open from 1st of May 2009 and will close the 30th October 2009.

What is new media art?

By new media art, we mean all forms of art that exploit information technology (IT). Examples of new media art are, but are not limited to, digital images, videos, music, games, digital stories and poems, as well as interactive installations.


The projectsmight address openness in different ways. This means either exploitation of one or more open source software tools, or re-use of artworks with open licenses such as Creative Commons when developing artwork of your own. By open source software tools we mean tools that are available for everybody and that can be not only downloaded and used but also inspected and modified.

Constraints about submissions

Project contributions can be purely digital, as a music file or image or they can be expressed as a combination of sensor and actuator technologies. Sensors can read data from sources like sound, movement, climate, GPS, or other devices fetching external data information. Actuators can be anything from LEDs to sounds and robotic technologies.
Your imagination is your only limit!

ArTeNTNU web site

Central to the competition is the ArTe website ( which provides examples of new media art and examples of open source tools. Through the web site the participants can reach ArTe experts who will provide assistance throughout the process.

About the Competition

The jury will evaluate the submissions according to three main parameters:

  1. the artistic message of the artwork,
  2. the technical quality and innovativeness, and
  3. the cooperation level.

All prizes will be given to humanitarian purposes suggested by the winning groups. In addition, the winning groups will receive attention in the local media and will be acknowledged for both their humanitarian contribution and their artistic and technical work.
The first prize consists of 20000 NOK. There are 2 extra prizes of 7000 NOK (second prize) and 3000 NOK (third prize) offered by IDI/NTNU.

The jury

Heidi Arnesen Austlid, Friprogsenteret
Cristoforo Camerano, University of Catania, Italia
Torgeir Dingsøyr, Senior IT Researcher Sintef
Anne Marthe Dyvi, artist
Haakon Meland Eriksen, teacher
Laura Giarre’, Digital writer and professor, University of Palermo, Italy
Ane Gjennestad, Bouvet
Gisle Hannemyr, University of Oslo
Letizia Jaccheri, NTNU
Bernt M. Johnsen, Sun Microsystem
André Martinsen, Artist/Illustrator
Anne Grete Nordal, TEKNA
Anna Notaro, University of Dundee (UK)
Per A. D. Jynge, text writer Massiverhino

How to participate

Contributions must be sent in digital format by email to with subject ArTe-competition-2009. The email must contain the names of the students and their date of birth. It must also specify information about their school and describe the artwork and the main choices made by the group. THe files describing the artworks can be sent by email, however, it is preferable that participants upload their artworks to the website and/or to suitable platforms for media storage such as, or If the artwork has physical components, such as an installation or a robot, we require you to submit its digital description, like for example a video. Contributions should be submitted under a Creative Common Attribution 3.0 license. Participants are encouraged to use open source software tools and free data formats, but this is not a mandatory requirement.

We encourage participants to register at the website and to contribute to the site by writing posts and comments.


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