Master Projects 2010-2011

Open Source Software Technology for creativity
By OSS (Open Source Software) we mean those computer programs which can be used freely and whose source code is available for modification. We have chosen seven contemporary tools which are open source and which allow the user to produce pictures, animations, sound files, digital stories, and interactive installations.

Arduino, Audacity, GIMP, Inkspace, Processing, Scratch, and TuxPaint are all instances of OSS technology for creativity.
The goal of this project is to specify precise research questions and to follow a systematic research process to enhance the state of the knowledge about OSS technology for creativity.

The candidate will start by studying the proposed tools and their use. Who does one use which tool? How do users choose their tools? Why do users choose OSS tools? Which influence has software technology on the creative process?

This is the ideal project for students who are interested in creativity issues around Information Technology. It can be chosen by one or two students working as a team.  Differentstudents/ groups of students will work on different tools yet cooperating on the general framework and literature.


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