Programming for artists (PhD course)

We start from Programming Interactivity
A Designer’s Guide to Processing, Arduino, and openFrameworks
By Joshua Noble

§ 7th march 13-15 Jordi openFrameworks oF_presentation

§ 8th april Aga processing 13-15 room 054

§ 5th may Wendy arduino 13-15 room 054

§ 31st may we focus on the interviews, from  13 to 15. Letizia will give feedbacks on the draft documents of the candidates. Examples of exam questions will be presented.

Oral Exam 20th June office 003 at 13.00, order of students to be announced


  • Interview part: each candidate writes a document which shows the candidate understanding of the interviews in the book and extends the knowledge in the book in a research direction to be agreed with the teacher. To be delivered one week before.
  • Technical part:
  1. Part 1. each candidate is expected to be proficient in its part (respectevely processing, arduino, OF) and to have deep knowledge (practical and theoretical) of the basic concepts in chapters 1, 2, 5. This includes also the explorations (part III) in the respective technology.
  2. Each candidate is expected to have a theoretical knowledge of Part II (sound, physical input, graphics, bitmaps and pixels, feedback, protocols).

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